Cream Cheese Chipped Beef Poppers

Add a little heat with these savory chipped beef jalapeno poppers!  Make them from scratch and add them to the deep fryer or buy already prepared poppers and stuff them with our smoky dried beef and you are sure to have a delicious appetizers for your next party!


For 4 people


6 Frozen/Premade Jalapeno Poppers
2 ounces of Knauss Dried Beef, chopped

Cream Cheese Chipped Beef Poppers Directions

These poppers can be either freshly prepared or frozen/store bought poppers can be used. This recipe uses frozen poppers and then dried beef is added.
Open one package of cream cheese poppers, let defrost for 1 hours and then cut off the tops of the poppers at the tip.  Stuff finely chopped dried beef into the poppers and push in with a small knife or toothpick.  Heat following the instructions on the box and serve with a side of mango dipping sauce.