Dried Beef Pear Rollups
Dried Beef Pear Rollups

Fresh and full of light flavor, these rollups will excite your tastebuds. These make the perfect appetizer—healthy, fresh and seasonal.


Ready in: 15m

12 slices of Knauss dried beef
3 firm ripe pears
1 lime

Dried Beef Pear Rollups Directions

Zest the lime and set aside. Cut each pear in half from top to bottom (lengthwise), and each half in half again (lengthwise). Remove the stem, core and blossom end. Cut each pear quarter in half lengthwise – you should have 24 strips. Lay pear strips on a serving tray and squeeze lime juice over them. Cut dried beef slices in half and wrap 1 piece around each pear slice and replace on the tray. Decorate pears and tray with lime zest.