Dried Beef Rollups

Dried Beef Rollups

A delicious appetizer! Enjoy the taste of our smoked dried beef rolled up with your favorite brand of cream cheese. Substitute either fresh green onions or dill pickles for an added crunch.

5 (3 rolls per serving)

Ready in: 20m


ounce(s) packages of Knauss Dried Beef
ounce(s) package of cream cheese, softened
few drops of Worcestershire sauce
bunch of Scallions (green onions)*
Pepper to Taste

Dried Beef Rollups Directions

Spread out slices of dried beef to flatten. Make filling for dried beef rolls by combining softened cream cheese, Worcestershire sauce and pepper. Mix well. Spread filling generously on one side of each slice of dried beef. Place a piece of onion on the dried beef and roll up tightly. Do a few and then line them up and trim off the ends of the onion. You can use the leftover onion on the next roll-ups. To make them bite size, cut each roll-up in half crosswise. Arrange on a serving dish and serve either chilled or at room temperature. **Small dill pickles can be substituted for the scallions.