What is dried beef?

Dried Beef is a slowly cured, lean beef which is trimmed of most fat to attain ultimate leanness. It's mildly salty, yet beefy and smoky flavor profile has leant itself well to many recipe applications over the last 100 plus years...but undoubtedly, the best recipe marriage with dried beef is just a little milk, flour and butter to create the classic "Creamed Chipped Beef" recipe which first appeared in the manual for Army Cooks in 1910.

Knauss "Classic" Deli Style Knuckle

The item which started it all! Knauss' fresh beef knuckles are slowly cured for an enhanced flavor and hand trimmed for a more consistent leaner beef product.

Knauss "Double Smoked"

Deli Style Knuckle

Just like our classic deli style knuckle, our double smoked knuckle is extremely lean and packs an even smokier flavor profile. Available in the deli department as slices or chips.

Knauss Dried Beef

Knauss genuine old-fashioned, dried beef started as a Pennsylvania Dutch favorite and is now enjoyed across the country. Knauss dried beef can be served creamed over toast, appetizers, casseroles and sandwiches. 

Carson's Dried Beef

Carson's genuine old-fashioned, dried beef is slowly cured, lean beef is trimmed to attain 92%-98% leanness and then cured and dried in our smokehouses.

Knauss Creamed Chipped Beef

Our homemade creamed chipped beef follows the traditional, century-old recipe.
Packaged in our microwavable pouch, which can be ready to eat in 2 minutes,it's a convenient meal option.