Knauss Foodservice Brochures

Foodservice Products

Knauss Foods offers a complete line of Dried Beef products for the foodservice industry. From quality assurance to food safety and customer service, Knauss Foods continues to deliver quality, consistency and versatility at breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Whole Dried Beef Knuckles -Value priced form of Dried Beef, but must be sliced and cut at the time of use. Allows knuckle to be utilized as chips or slices.

Center Cut Sliced Bulk Dried Beef - Whole dried beef knuckles which are sliced and sold with only center slices for a large, more consistent product application.

End to End Sliced Bulk Dried Beef - Whole dried beef knuckles which are sliced consistently for thickness but may contain some chips since the product is sliced "end to end." Excellent for ingredient based opportunities.

Sliced Dried Beef Pouches- Whole dried beef knuckle center cut slices which are folded and placed in 3oz. and 4oz. pouches.

Dried Beef Chips - The ends and smaller pieces from the sliced whole knuckles that are a by-product of Knauss 3oz. and 4oz. Sliced Dried Beef Pouches.

Chunked & Formed Dried Beef - An all beef, roll-type product which is made from coarse ground beef chunks with no water added. This item is stuffed under pressure into casings and then processed in our drying houses. Available in whole pieces, sliced or diced.

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